TV Wall Mounting

Thanks to the slim design of modern TVs they can now be mounted on walls. 


However, care and experience is required firstly to ensure that the wall is capable of securely holding the weight of your TV.  On a number of occasions we have been called in to fit a replacement TV after the client either tried to fit the TV themselves or have used a cowboy and their new TV ended up smashed on the floor.

Secondly, power and water lines often run within the walls and it is important the these are not drilled into during installation.  We scan the walls with detectors prior to any drilling.

Thirdly, positioning.  We install TVs routinely and are often asked to position the TV high up on the wall.  While positioning the TV high may be suitable for bars and for commercial use, in a household setting we often see TVs positioned incorrectly at a height that will cause neck and back ache over long periods of viewing.  TVs are also often positioned centrally to a wall even though the seated position maybe off centre.  This results in viewers ending up viewing their TV at an uncomfortable angle.

We can also mount soundbars and use a variety of options to hide cables.  Where clients do not want to cut or chase into walls we also have solutions that neatly hide messy cables while enhancing the look of your room.