Projection Systems

For a truly large screen experience we still believe that a projection system can't be beaten.

Even though modern TVs are getting larger, as the screen size exceeds 75" projectors easily become the better option.  Not only can they be half the price of flat panel TVs but they can also project double the size at Ultra High Definition 4K or even in 3D HD.

TVs have always been a poor option for 3D movies which is ultimately why 3D has been dropped by TV manufacturers.  However on a projector system 3D movies really come into their own.  If you enjoyed watching movies such as Gravity, Tron Legacy, Avatar and the MCU franchise at the cinema the only way to relive that experience is with a projector system with active 3D glasses.  You'll be surprised at how reasonable such a system can cost.

For living rooms where darkness is an issue we can even supply dual systems where a wall mounted TV can be viewed during daylight and a motorised projector screen can be dropped down when it gets dark.

110" dropdown projector screen over 55" Samsung flat screen TV